The Toronto Minor Surgery Center provides quick, efficient and high-quality treatment to skin lesions and other conditions.

You may have a skin lesion that has been bothering you for months or even years. Perhaps it’s causing pain or is just a nuisance that’s been around for a while. We are experts at treating such lesions. You may be surprised to find that your skin condition can be treated on the same day as your initial consultation. Along with great care for our patients, TMSC features:
Drastically reduced wait times (one year long waits are often reduced to a month or less)
Minimal scarring with detailed attention to comfort and aesthetics
All procedures performed by board-certified plastic surgeons
Out of hospital treatments
No referral needed for most conditions
State-of-the-art clinic, with the latest techniques and technology in minor surgery
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No referral needed
Book a Free Consultation
No referral needed

Where it all began

Dr. Kunaal Jindal and Dr. Roberto Tutino are board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeons in Toronto.

Being best friends who share an enthusiasm for plastic and reconstructive surgery, the duo felt it was a natural next step to open a new clinic which would tackle the gap they’ve seen in the minor surgery realm—namely long wait times and the lack of dedicated minor surgery centers.

Their aim is simple: to provide a safe, modern environment where patients can have their skin lesion and other such concerns treated quickly and efficiently.
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OHIP Coverage

The Ministry of Health determines which procedures are covered by OHIP and which are not, based on a number of factors. Most benign (noncancerous) skin lesions are not covered as their treatment is considered unessential by the Ministry of Health.
Conditions covered by OHIP
Basal Cell Carcinoma
Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Trigger Fingers
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